REAL Affiliate program

When the going gets weird, The weird go pro!  Aaaand... Shit has definitely gone weird!  That’s why we are offering this easy way to put some lunch money in your pocket and build our brand awareness at the same time.

Anyone can join the program.  If you are tech savvy enough to have navigated to the point of reading this, you’re hired!

CLICK HERE to sign up

Once you register, we can set you up with your personal promo code. We will message you as soon as it’s active, and you can start sharing it.  It’s, pretty much, that easy!  Whenever someone makes a purchase from the FUNd RAISER collection and uses your code at checkout, you get 50% of the total sale.

We will be doing our best to keep the product offerings in this collection fresh and relevant in order to keep your potential leads interested.